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365-212 Primary colors

With all of the running I’ve been doing this week it finally caught up to me. A little tired today, so, with the exception of doing a few errands for the coming week, I really didn’t feel like doing much today. The lawn is ugly because of all of the hot weather but I think it can survive another week…

365-37 Big Fan

Since its Super Bowl Sunday, I thought I would do a theme shot for the day. Living near Pittsburgh, displays like this are not unusual. It doesn’t take being in the Super Bowl to find houses decorated with Steelers paraphernalia, sometimes even year round. Oh, and somebody needs to tell Wiz Khalifa it’s “black and gold” not “black and yellow”. This…


Out shopping today instead of shooting. I saw this balloon on the ceiling at a mall, two stories above the children’s play area. Had to do a little work in PSE6 with curves, contrast, etc. to get it looking halfway nice. Still a little noisy but not too bad. Shot with the Lumix LX-3.  Toy Go Bye-bye