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Moving a monastery to Miami

On Friday, after checking out of our hotel in Miami, we had a few hours to fill before heading to the airport. I remembered seeing a sign for an “Ancient Spanish Monastery” during our travels and thought that it may be worth exploring to waste some time and grab a few photos. It was easy enough to find, situated on a…

Changes in latitude

Well after a few days in Miami I am back home. To go from 80ºF with the sound of a Lamborghini driving by to 40ºF with the sound of a four-color Cavalier driving by is too much of a culture shock 🙂 . Regardless, I had a good time with my wife and enjoyed the change in scenery. I didn’t get…

Something different

Something different from me anyhow. A bit of a touristy travel photo. Shot with a phone, no less. I’ll elaborate a little later. Let’s just say I’m relaxed right now. Tropical Pink