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365-40 Cold facts

So you’re probably thinking, “David, ice AGAIN?” It has been a prominent subject of mine this winter but it’s the one thing I see when I look around. I wonder if people who live near the beach in a warm climate get tired of palm trees, sand, and surf pictures. I somehow doubt it.  I actually wanted to try some processing options…

365-27 Urban abstract

I thought I would go slightly abstract today. This door is on the second floor of a building in town. I tried for a different angle when shooting. Processed in PSE6 with Nik Silver Efex conversion and then I brought the blue of the glass back through. Shot with my Pentax K20D and DA17-70 Blue Glass Fall


I’ve seen this old Lincoln before and thought that I would get a picture of it someday. The snow added a nice element so I thought  I would give it a try today. It’s right behind a locked gate so I had to hold the camera over the fence and shoot blindly. I like the unusual perspective. Processed in PSE6…