365-26 – Snow day at the cemetery

A nice snowy day today. I thought I would try to get some nature photos for a change. I didn’t want to venture too far out of town. So, where to go?  The local park? Not a chance. The park in this town is a scraggly, hilly, unkempt mess with bad roads. Instead I went to the large cemetery nearby which is sort of like a real nice park with wildlife, a pond, nice roads and trees. On nice days you’ll see more people jogging here than in the park. I tried to avoid the usual tombstone pictures as I have a lot of those already. The first shot is my 365 shot for the day of a lock on a crypt. I threw in a few others that I took today also. All with the Pentax K20D and either the DA17-70 or DA55-300.

Don’t Come Around No More

© David Guidas


And one more not taken at the cemetery but at the edge of a mall parking lot.

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