Month: March 2015

Fat man in the bathtub

And I’m sure he would have the blues if he was in this tub. Just another one of the many old bathtubs found throughout rural areas. This particular one has a spring emptying into it, most likely used for cattle at some point. I can’t show this photo without some Little Feat

Not a poet and I know it

Enough haiku silliness, time to get back to normal photography. I’m starting off spring with a nice texturally image of old wood and black rubber. I was drawn to this scene because of the old tire that the tree grew around. Although you can’t see it in this photo that is a real 15′ tree, with branches and everything, that the…

People who need people

I have been looking at a lot of photography lately. And I mean a LOT!  It is my season to enter competitions and, in turn, reviewing the results of past competitions. The one thing I noticed is that judges really like photos with a human element. That’s really great considering I rarely have any people in my photographs. Probably because…