The longer I stay away…

….the less I have to say.

Again. not too many words this time around. I’ve been keeping busy and trying to take photographs whenever I can. Even during a vacation getaway I still found myself not concentrating on photography the way that I should. Having deadlines always gets me motivated, so I imagine I’ll have to self prescribe some for myself. We will all benefit from that.

Here’s a gent I “met” in South Miami Beach. It cost me a couple dollars for the photo shoot but it was worth it. He was a funny guy and didn’t mind posing at all. I would have preferred a more natural shot but I let him do what he wanted. I didn’t really care, I was on vacation.

I think his red hat and scarf set off the outfit so I had to go color on this one.

© David Guidas

© David Guidas

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