And it keeps going

So, I have been thinking of branching off into a new blog with more emphasis on specific gear. It’s going on five years for Whatipic and I’m kind of feeling like it’s time to try something different. How I am going to go about it, I don’t quite know yet. I may keep this blog going and just do the other one in addition, but I know I don’t want things to overlap. The other site will still have an emphasis on images and photography but, hopefully, in a different manner, if that makes any sense. The gear and how it was used top get the photo will be the central theme and maybe some gear reviews thrown in on occasion.

I originally thought of just having a full fledged website for my photography but the cost and maintenance is just not appealing to me at this time. I do have a normal job, a wife, and an old house that all keep me quite occupied. I’m thankful to do whatever photography I can fit in. But if anyone has any ideas on where I should go next feel free to chime in. I am aware of sites such as SmugMug and Zenfolio and when I get time I will seriously take a look into those as an alternative.

By the way, I do plan on paying up to get rid of those ads. I just keep forgetting because I don’t see them.

© David Guidas

© David Guidas

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