Road Trip, Part 2

So it’s Saturday which is probably not a good day to post but I actually started this post on Tuesday with full intentions on posting for Wednesday. Not sure what happened there. Between still recovering from being sick and going back to work at my normal job, time flew by pretty quick.  I won’t elaborate or bore you much more on my quick getaway, only to say that I’m not pleased with where my photography is heading. These are some of the photos I took on Assateague Island and although they are technically OK, I absolutely LOVE the colors I am getting from the Fuji, I’m just not feeling them artistically. I need to get a little gritty again as none of my “pretty” picture are going to get in a galleries anytime soon.

What I do need is to not think about how I’m going to find that next great shot but just go find it, if that makes sense. In other words, all of my favorite photos that I took where just happenstance. Scenes or subjects I just happened to come across and I made the best of it. Stop thinking, start doing

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