Difficult to be different. The color parade continues.

Continuing on with some autumn themed photos. I shot these earlier today in the local park. It was a last minute excursion and I didn’t expect much as the local park is far from being picturesque. My plan was to just focus on details, if I found any, but, as usual, I don’t even remember my plans when I start shooting. I just looked for what grabbed my attention and tried to make the best of it.

I find autumn scenes tough to photograph and be creative with. EVERYBODY takes nice fall photos and it’s difficult to be different. Considering there are no grand New England type vistas in my backyard, there are no quaint white churches nestled amongst blazing red maples here, and I do have a job to go to during the week, taking fall photos becomes more of a challenge for me since autumn scenes change daily and good light comes and goes and I usually have no control over when I can shoot. That’s why most of my autumn photos consist of things on the ground, things the “fall”. Nuts and dead leaves are a constant source of entertainment for my lenses.;-).

These scenes from the park aren’t anything you haven’t seen but at least the colors, in small areas, were pleasant.

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