Doll or dull?

I really haven’t been getting out to shoot as much as I should lately. I really feel like I’m getting a bit soft and I constantly need to keep my “eye” in shape. The up and down weather, being busy with the day job, and my lack of travel outside of the home area has taken a toll on my creativity, I believe.

So to keep with sort of the theme from the past couple of posts here are some shots I took recently in some antique stores. I was shooting almost anything I came across without paying much attention to what I shot, just concentrating on compositions and lighting. Later on after reviewing the work from the day I found that I shot a number of old baby dolls. Considering I was using my Fujifilm camera the colors looked stellar and I almost posted them here but I though the dolls looked better in black and white. A bit more of the “creepy” factor that everyone likes.

All shot with the Fujinon XF35mm F1.4R

Doll 1_bw_sm

© David Guidas

Doll 2_bw_sm

© David Guidas

Doll 3_bw_sm

© David Guidas

Doll 4_bw_sm

© David Guidas

Doll Parts_bw_sm

© David Guidas

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