A whirlwind of activity

I know it’s been over a month since my last post and honestly I never realized how fast time was flying by. I surprised I still have a few visitors every day because it would appear that I abandoned this site. But I’m still here! Well, for the time being at least. I have an idea for another site more geared to my photography and gear and with a more serious, less stupid, name than whatipic.

I originally started his site as a showcase for my 365 photo project back in 2011 and I figured I could also use the site to talk about my other passion, guitars. The name was derived form “pic” as in picture and “pic” as in picking a guitar. What-I-pic. Get it? Yes, I am that brilliant! At first I was posting every day and developed somewhat of a following during that time but as the years rolled on I got a little more lapse in posting and the photos maybe not as creative. I’m not too concerned about the posting regularity but I am having a difficult time getting back the creativity.

I find my current photography to be technically sound but lacking in a certain, to use the cliché, x-factor. It may be missing because I am not sure what that “x-factor” is but I think I know it when I see it. I’m just not seeing it. The thing that keeps me chugging along is thinking back to my early film era days of photography and remembering the photography that inspired me. Back in those pre-social media days you never really saw too many photographs from any one photographer. You saw their best work and that was it. No websites, no blogs, no Instagrams or Facebooks, just whatever some magazine decided to show. If you wanted to see more you bought that photographers book, if they had one, or visited the library to research them. In most cases you only came across the same photo that you were already aware of. If I only end up with a few good photos that people like, then I should be okay.

But I find myself these days seeing a gazillion photos almost every day and most of them are really just peoples snapshots. I see more photos of complete strangers families than I have ever seen of my own family. Somebody will post photos of their kid on a camera forum and, although it may be technically perfect because he shot with a $3,000 camera outfit, it’s still just a basic picture of his kid. And that goes on and on and on. Plus I feel like I’m obligated to respond and say “hey, great shot!”. Self editing goes a long way in my book.

Please don’t get me wrong, I do see a lot of truly great work out there and a lot of it does inspire me. Inspire me not to copy but to free my mind think in different ways. I am not a street photographer but a good street photograph can inspire me to view urban scenes from a different perspective than I would normally. I am not a landscape photographer but a wonderful landscape photo can inspire me to think about and wait for that perfect light, instead of snapping away in the moment.

Anyhow, if you got this far you probably realized that I am not a writer so I’ll attach a picture and shut up. I got carried away this post so my next post I am going to put up a few of my recent photos and critique them. Yes, I am my own worst critic.

Down by the River_sm



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