The Faces of Randyland

I know it has been a long time since I’ve posted here and for that, if anyone noticed, I apologize. Though I haven’t been very creative for some time now, I have still been taking photographs throughout the time gone. Good or bad, interesting or not.

Few things drive my photographic creativity in my daily life. I work in predominately rural areas that are not very interesting. Yes I do take photos of items or scenes that I find interesting but they are so far and few between and disjointed that they’re not worth sharing to anyone. Technically they are great, artistically not so much. So, with the risk of giving up photography altogether, I have had to seek out new areas to photograph.

One of those areas I discovered was Randyland.

I just discovered Randyland last summer while driving around Pittsburgh one afternoon. I had missed a turn and went around a block which I have never been on before and came across this urban oasis. I probably have been a block away from it a gazillion times and never knew about it. It is a colorful place… a REALLY colorful place, located in the tight confines of the Mexican War Streets. It’s an art project of found objects and open space bordered by brightly painted buildings. One could call it junk but it becomes more than that when put all together. It is a happy place, as seen on all of the smiling visitors taking selfies.

You’re probably thinking, “Dave, you’re not exactly capturing the fun and colorful aspects of the site with these photos”. Ha, you’re right! I do plan on posting my color photos later but I thought I would start off with showing the “faces” that I captured while visiting the property. These mannequin heads are seemingly looking around every corner and I kind of like the creepiness of them.

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