The project I didn’t know I was doing

I recently put a book of photographs together that is now available on Blurb. The book is a group of photographs of….wait for it….doors. Yes, Doors. Not your fancy old European doors. Not even some colorful Mexican or Caribbean doors. Nope, just good old fashioned normal doors. Well, normal to a degree. I did originally take the photos because I thought something was interesting about them. It may have been the textures, the peeling paint, or the structure itself that caught my eye. Either way, I shot, then forgot.

What I mean by shooting and forgetting is that I shot these photos over a number of years without really thinking why. I liked the subject enough to record it but I rarely took the image beyond that. Most of these images have been in my archives and I haven’t done much with them since I took them. They were just pictures of old doors. I liked them but never wondered if anyone else would. Mostly because I know that no one else would like them. Regardless, I started to see that I had a lot of photos of old doors and old doors on old buildings and I got the bright idea to put together a photo book.

There’s not much more I can say about it. I invite you to visit Blurb and check it out. You can preview the contents and make your own decision. In the meantime here are a few samples:

By David Guidas
Photo book

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