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A little bleary

Much to my surprise there she was sittin’ in a corner Little bleary, worse for wear and tear Was a girl with far away eyes The Rolling Stones – “Far Away Eyes” I can imagine the girl with far away eyes looking at this scene. Perhaps after being dropped off by the truck driver 😉


The problem with touch screen focus points is that they can unintentionally drift to a far corner while you’re carrying the camera around. Not a problem unless you’re taking a quick grab shot and expecting it to be in the center. At least this shot of a sidewalk sunglass display is colorful, so I’ll call it a happy accident. As…

What’s that white stuff?

It felt like winter around here again today, with the snow and colder temperatures and all. What’s up with that? I personally liked it but people get used to the mild winter and forget what winter is supposed to be like. I think the first thing they forget is how to drive in snow – but I’ll leave that for another…