Tag: G Vario 14-140

Room for square

It’s square crop time. This is one of those compositions that just worked best that way. The remainder of the picture was just the left side of the front tank but I thought the square crop emphasized the lines and angles better. Or maybe I’m just seeing things.

Familiar forms

This shot is actually a pretty extreme crop from the original. I couldn’t get tight enough at the angle that I wanted so without the benefit of a super telephoto I had to “digitally” zoom. That being said, I think I’ll try another attempt at the shot at a later date to try some better compositions as I think the abstract qualities warrants that.

Plant life

It’s the weekend and viewership is usually down, so I’ll keep the chit-chat to a minimum. This shot is simply of two large leaves, taken near sunset at a nearby park. I kind of like the color contrasts between them and the warm lighting. My one regret though was that I didn’t drag out the tripod and shoot it at a lower…

It’s a mind thing

First, I’ll start off with a totally original  photo, that no one else has attempted before – the “seagull on a post” pic! 🙂 As you can tell by my sarcasm with the accompanying photo, I haven’t been thrilled with my output as of late. Sure I have been through some growing pains experimenting with new gear, trying to find a balance…

Keeping it yellow

May as well stay with a theme. No textures this time though. Taken in a bank parking lot.

A sign

Well, an old one, for a classic beverage. Seen on the side of a very old and crooked barn. Nothing fancy, I just liked the colors and weathered look of it all.

Just posting Vol. 1

I honestly haven’t been spending much time shooting lately and I feel a little bad about it. I’ve been focusing on my house and assorted other life things so I haven’t really had the time to just go out and take photos. Oh I take my camera with me as much as possible because, you know, “just in case” but as…

A bucket of…

…bolts. I seriously think I am running out of ideas and things to photograph. Which must mean I am on the verge of something great, since in the past when I felt that way I ended up taking some good photos afterwards. I really hope so. In the mean time you can enjoy this fine array of cold hard steel…