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A spider in a dewy web

Just like the post title says! Not my usual type of photo but who can resist grabbing a good spider picture? I don’t care for the background in this one but it was in the weeds and everything was a bit crowded. I’m sure this is a common type of field spider but I don’t know what it is. Anybody?

Let’s see some contrast!

A little creature I spotted in a mailbox. Poor guy has a part of a leg missing. This shot was an instant black and white moment.The spider was yellowish and the black metal reflecting the daylight was bluish so I knew right away that I could get a nice contrast in black and white. B&W is fun when there are…

365-252 Go for the worst

Back in West Virginia today. I found this new crop of yellow flowers and thought they looked nice. I took a lot of photos but none of them really popped for me. I’ve grown a little weary of the yellow against green color scheme and I had that in abundance in these shots. Just ho-hum. Then I discovered a little…