365-252 Go for the worst

Back in West Virginia today. I found this new crop of yellow flowers and thought they looked nice. I took a lot of photos but none of them really popped for me. I’ve grown a little weary of the yellow against green color scheme and I had that in abundance in these shots. Just ho-hum. Then I discovered a little spider in one of the flowers. Again I tried to get a straight photo of it but, lacking a proper macro lens getting any kind of close composition was out.Wanting to get closer, I tried my reverse mounted Super-Takumar 28mm and was able to get close but on a dark cloudy day the light level was pretty low. I could have dug out a tripod but the flower was swaying anyhow so a still picture was out of the question. So I tried a few hand-held shots and one of them ended up as my 365 shot! A little off-the-wall but it’s the only photo I took today that I thought was interesting to look at.  Pentax K20D, Super-Takumar 28mm (reversed).

Click on pic for larger view


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