365-253 Is that a rock?

Driving down a dirt road in a landfill this foggy morning I spotted this little guy walking in front of me. I grabbed my camera to take a quick pic but he was pretty shy and quickly hid inside his shell. So I waited and every time I would try to get a photo he closed up. My brain seems to function better early in the morning and I placed the camera on the ground in front of the turtle and set it up to use my wireless remote. I was able to fire the camera from a few feet back with the camera blocking my view from the turtle. When he popped out I snapped a few pics!  Pentax K20D, DA 17-70.

Click on pic for larger view

Road Warrior

© David Guidas

8 thoughts on “365-253 Is that a rock?

  1. Great story. This pic reminds me of those remote captures you sometimes see that people take of deer, etc. The fog and light are great in this as well.

    • Thanks. I guess he wasn’t ready for his close-up. The wireless remote comes in handy at times. Although it doesn’t work with my Pentax, there is a remote app for iPhone and Android that may be of use to Nikon/Canon users. I don’t know the usable range though.

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