Fender SRV Stratocaster

My current favorite guitar is my Fender SRV Stratocaster. The Stevie Ray Vaughan signature model. I’m not going to go into the history of the model here as it’s been around for a while and there’s plenty of info out there.  The model has its detractors because of mostly cosmetic reasons. Purists don’t like the gold hardware and some players are stumped by the left-handed tremolo. I personally like it and found the left trem a joy to use as it’s always available with a flick of the finger. It’s taken a little time for me to get used to a Strat again. I’ve been playing Gibsons and similar humbucker equipped guitars more lately.  I could play a clean tone Strat for days and never get bored. there’s just something about that sound. Everything sounds good on it, even songs that originally were done with more distortion. I still need to fine tune the string action a little. It’s a constant tweaking thing. I still get a little buzz in the strings and fretting out of the treble strings when bending as can be heard in my video here.

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