What’s coming up

© David Guidas

I’m rounding out my first week with this blog and I thought I would layout some plans I have. On the photography side I will, of course, continue my 365 photo project. I plan on posting them the day I shoot them but we’ll see how that goes when I get busier later in the year at my “normal” job. I’ll also will be posting other random shots I like and I think may be worthy of showcasing or a discussion. I might get into some product reviews and recommendations, why I use Pentax, techniques, etc..

As for guitar, I have a few player tips, instrument setup and care pointers, and opinions on a few different players. I may do some album reviews and maybe turn people on to some artists, new and old, that I’ve been discovering.  I’ll also talk about some of the guitars I own and some I used to own.

I realize the guitar thing might not appeal to photo enthusiasts and vice versa, but they are the two subjects I know the most about. I don’t like the idea of running separate blogs for each right now but I may split them up in the future. On the appearance side, I may be playing around with different themes or color schemes to see what works best for me. So don’t be surprised when you visit and everything is bright and colorful…….OK, I doubt it. I’m always open to ideas, suggestions, comments, cheers, jeers…..whatever. So please keep visiting and interacting.

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