365-61 Most interesting place in town

Took a drive through the cemetery, again, because there was absolutely NOTHING to shoot today, at least around where I live. Sure, it was a bright sunny day but that just highlighted how dirty and dull everything is this time of year. It says a lot about a place when the cemetery is the most interesting, photogenic place in town.  I use it as my last resort because I know I can get at least some interesting textures of weathered items or some wildlife shots. So I did get a few shots there, including this backlit covered statue, which caught my eye and is my 365 picture today. Although once I got home and viewed the shot on the computer, I wished I had taken the time to get some closer pictures. I see some interesting, yet somewhat creepy detail shots there. Perhaps if it’s sunny again tomorrow. Pentax K20D, DA55-300.

Shrouded in Mystery

© David Guidas

Also, while I was there and the sun was getting low, I caught this backlit bush, which appeared to glow quite vividly among the surroundings.

Burning Bush

© David Guidas

And finally, I just liked this stone resting on a weathered piece of granite, with leaves and moss. I may revisit it again tomorrow and try to get a better quality shot, as the light was a little low to stop down and hand-hold. DA17-70 lens used.

Stone and Leaves

© David Guidas

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