365-83 Orange and Blue

Besides being the title of my 365 shot, an abstract detail of a dumpster in front of a former Blockbuster Video store, it’s also the title of an album by Al Di Meola, a phenomenal jazz/fusion guitarist. Orange and Blue is an album that you have to listen from beginning to end to get the full experience. There are individual cuts, of course, but they’re mainly just sections of the whole piece. I don’t think people have the patience anymore to listen to an album all of the way through, instead preferring their entertainment in little snippets before moving on to the next big thing. I know I don’t get the chance too often at home but I travel a lot for work and I like to listen to CD’s all of the way through during my 1.5-2 hour commutes. It just makes the trip more enjoyable, especially when the music itself takes you on a journey. Pentax K20D, DA17-70mm

Orange and Blue



© David Guidas


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