365-115 A new look

If you’re a regular visitor then you probably noticed the new look to my blog. The last theme was functional but the frilly design kind of bugged me. I went back to a simple straightforward more serious look. In the next few days I may change a few things around but I think I’ll stay with this layout since I do want to maintain some consistency. I appreciate any feedback.

For my 365 shot, I was stopped at a red light and looked over and saw this man sitting on a bench facing away from the street. The painting in front of him is a boarded up storefront (there are plenty around) that the city had someone paint murals on before some type of event last year. Perhaps that would have been a good way to camouflage the fact that half of the city is empty but they could have, at least, found a better artist.

Time Passing By

© David Guidas

4 thoughts on “365-115 A new look

  1. The new blog theme is pretty straight forward. I don’t remember your old theme though so I can’t say whether I like it better or not. I like the dark gray background and am considering trying a slightly darker gray for my blog.

    • Thanks for the feedback Nathan. I need the focus to be on the photos, not the sight. I may even try a single column layout because I don’t think anybody clicks on the sidebar items anyhow.

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