365-117 Here’s a quarter

I don’t really notice payphones much anymore. Most likely there are fewer of them around, and I do sometimes notice where some used to be. It usually looks like someone just ripped the phone away from its mounting and that’s the way it stayed – wires dangling and only a shadow of the phone remaining. I was at a gas station today and noticed this phone. Of course the red surround caught my eye first, then I noticed the weathered look of the phone. Nothing too elaborate photographically but a nice touch of nostalgia. I remember carrying a pager for my job and having to find a payphone to call back to the office. That setup worked fine with me. I liked it better than I do now with cellphones and people thinking they can contact you at anytime and you’re assumed to be able to answer. My job got done then, even better than now because nobody bugged me. Plus with the payphone I couldn’t talk while driving. It was a good excuse to stop at a store, get a drink, relax, and then call the office ;-).


© David Guidas

4 thoughts on “365-117 Here’s a quarter

  1. My favorite memory of these old phones is observing an older guy in downtown Chicago gingerly handling the phone and wiping down the ear and mouthpieces with a moist towelette before he wiped off the keypad numbers and dialed… 8)

  2. Wow, I haven’t touched one of these in years. I used to enjoy calling these from across the street with my cell phone and having random creepy conversations with people.

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