365-125 Times toll

I finally got around to shooting that machinery I mentioned a couple of days ago. I tried twice before to shoot an abstract but the light level was just too low to work with. Today was certainly brighter and nicer than it has been of late. The machinery is in a shady area so I still was on the edge of being able to handhold and shoot but I think I did OK.  In my past attempts I was shooting too close to certain areas on the machine and although the shots were decent I still wasn’t overly happy with the shots, abstractly speaking. Today I started out doing the same thing again and still not being excited by what I was seeing on the LCD.  On a whim I backed off a little to take in a wider area, saw the four sections and, BAM, that was the shot! On my way home I drove by an old industrial building that I have been eyeing up and found yet another abstract shot in the peeling paint. I hope you like them. Both with Pentax K20D and DA17-70.


© David Guidas


8 thoughts on “365-125 Times toll

    • Thanks. I am always conservative when it comes to sharpness. Looking at that shot at 100%, I don’t think it could get any sharper without degrading the image. There isn’t a lot of detail to give the impression of sharpness. The first image can be improved upon since I shot at a higher ISO and I’m going to try to get a better shot of it.

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