365-133 When it rains, it rains

I really can’t think of a wetter spring in recent years. Almost every day, it seems, it’s raining or storming. The days in between are pretty decent though, so I can’t complain much. Besides running some errands, I basically stuck around the house today. I took the photo of the robin on my neighbors fence just to get my 365 shot in. And I’m including a shot of my wet deck that I haven’t been able to enjoy yet. Obviously not too creative photographically – I’m still in my creative slump. I’m kind of planning on doing a few things next week that should provide more photo ops and different scenarios that might wake up my creativity. So stay tuned! The robin taken with Pentax K20D and DA55-300. Deck shot with K20D and DA17-70, converted to black and white with Nik Silver Efex (Ilford HP5 simulation).

Wet Robin

© David Guidas


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