365-136 No complaints

I think I complain too much on here so today I’ll go easy on the readers. Well, I’ll try at least. My first shot is simply three windows on the upper floor of a downtown building. The color of the building is pretty cool and stands out among the drab beige tones of all of the other nearby buildings. Don’t let the color fool you though, it’s still one of many closed storefronts. At least it looks well maintained. I shot the windows at an angle because of the vantage point I had to shoot from. I couldn’t shoot straight on unless I was at street level and I didn’t think that would work well. I was standing on a wall, slightly elevated over the sidewalk, to at least get closer to window level. The other shot is an addition at the top of a building that I saw when I turned around after getting the first shot. I’m not sure of its purpose, maybe just covering an access to the roof or HVAC equipment. Both shots could have used some brighter contrasty sunlight to make them pop a little but we’re in the middle of another cloudy rain week. Both with Pentax K20D and DA55-300.

3 Windows

© David Guidas


6 thoughts on “365-136 No complaints

  1. Agree with Nathan – the angle works very well. It takes what would have been an ordinary shot of 3 windows and creates an artful image.

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