365-152 When all else fails…

…go for color. I was on the southside of Pittsburgh this afternoon and even though there is plenty of old architecture around I just wasn’t seeing anything. The bright sunlight was too harsh and when I looked in the shady areas everything looked kind of….well…neat and clean. Nice, but not good for photos! So when I saw this brightly painted and weathered entryway, I thought it would at least be a colorful shot, if nothing else. And that’s what happened today – nothing else. I took a few other shots but they’re nothing to brag about either. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. All with Pentax K20D, DA17-70mm.

Gated Entrance

© David Guidas




4 thoughts on “365-152 When all else fails…

  1. I love the gated pink doorway. It’s all pink like you would associate with a fairy princess or child’s room, but then you have these big locks and gates. I’m really amused by that image to be honest. I /really/ want to know the story behind whoever lived there.

  2. Color is a good thing!…and I should practice what I preach! Great series of images – the green door image is my fav.

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