365-155 Roadside blunder

It was getting dark and I haven’t taken a single photo for the day yet. Not feeling like traveling too far from where I was I thought I would try some long exposure shots of highway traffic. I know, real original eh?  I thought I would be able to get a clear shot from the edge of a nearby supermarket parking lot so I went to check it out. I could see the highway well enough but even though there was a curve in the road, the vantage point didn’t offer much from a composition standpoint. I took a few shots anyhow, including multi-exposures and they turned out well, but just lacking in something, so I scrapped the idea. These daisies were on the bank between me and the road so I tried a few shots of them. There was a slight breeze so I’m amazed any of them looked sharp. I would have prefered a brisk wind for a streaking effect or no wind at all. Instead it was just enough to make them look out of focus. Of course they may be out of focus because it was almost dark when I was shooting! Not a great photo, but I’ll take it! Pentax K20D, DA17-70mm.

Side of the Road

© David Guidas

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