365-174 Action / no action

My 365 shot is of action. Well, as much action as I usually shoot. I spotted these men working on the billboards near the highway while sitting at a traffic light. The sky behind them was fairly dark and dramatic from passing storms but I had to go around the block to get a good shot due to  foreground clutter.  When I got a better chance to shoot, the sky cleared slightly, kind of ruining the color picture I had in mind. Thankfully a black and white version brought back some of the drama I envisioned. Pentax K20D and DA 55-300.

Click on pics for larger view.

Billboard Builders

© David Guidas

The “no action” part occurred at the city park. I drove through right after a rain shower to see if anything was going on. Nothing was going on. The swimming pool is finally full of water but I don’t think it has opened yet. If they hurry, kids may have a chance to swim before returning to school. Of course it hasn’t been quite summery swimming weather around here either. Since nobody was around I was able to get a few abstracts along with a saturated tennis court shot. Also with DA 55-300

  One thought on “365-174 Action / no action

  1. Nathan Stitt
    June 24, 2011 at 10:15 am

    Love the Tennis Anyone? shot and the billboard as well.

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