365-177 Wee wee

Lets get small. Really small. This flower is about 1/2″ in diameter and I guess the little bugs are maybe  1/16″ or smaller. I was actually trying to photograph the underside of a mushroom I found in my yard using my reverse mounted Super-Takumar 50mm lens. My wife found the little flower and asked if I wanted to shoot it also. Sure, why not? I set the flower on the mushroom and took a few shots. I was using the live-view for the shots and didn’t notice the little bugs until I tried to recompose looking through the viewfinder. They seemed to be coming out of the flower somewhere. This shot is a pretty heavy crop since I just wanted to emphasize the center of the flower and the bugs. Considering this is almost a 100% crop, it says a lot about the sharpness of the Takumar, even when mounted reversed. By the way, the mushroom shots were OK but nothing spectacular. Lots of dirt. I should have washed it first. 😦 Pentax K20D, Super-Takumar 50mm.

Click on pics for larger view.

In a Small World

© David Guidas

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