365-185 Hmmm, what can I shoot today?

The 4th of July in the USA. Besides hotdogs the usual subject to photograph is fireworks. This is the first time I ever bothered to shoot fireworks in about twenty years. the last fireworks photos I took were on Kodachrome 64 at the city of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh still puts on an impressive display but I stuck around the small town today. We have fireworks in the city park but I decided to shoot from a high school parking lot. A nice vantage point but you miss the feel of being right underneath the explosions. I thought I could get a little bit of the town skyline in the shots but things didn’t quite line up that way so I just focused on the explosions. In the end, I don’t think the photos do any justice to the fireworks. But, it was nice to view them anyhow. I also took a nice shot of the old historic section of the school on my drive to the parking lot and thought I would post it also. Pentax K20D, DA55-300 (fireworks), DA17-70 (school).

Click on pics for larger view

© David Guidas

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