365-234 Shoot something

I am glad I took this shot today. Like oftentimes, I take a photo just to experiment or see if it works for something with the intentions of shooting something else later. Just like those other times, later never comes. I had plans to go check out some sights after work but I call that my truck was done getting repaired. So I had to pick it up, dispense multiple dollars, drop off my rental, dispense of more dollars, find that it still vibrates on the highway, go get some new tires, dispense of more dollars, and find out that it still needs some front end parts and that it is still vibrating on the highway. So tomorrow I get to spend more money and delay my availability of actually working and getting IN some money.  When it’s all completed, I am selling the truck as soon as I get a chance and hopefully I’ll break even. Whew! Sometimes life blows. Pentax K20D, DA17-70, Nik Silver Efex infrared layered with reduced opacity.

Click on pic for larger view

Hay Bales

© David Guidas

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