365-246 Urban shots on a hot day

Yikes, it was around 100ºF outside today. I started the day trying to relax and doing a little shopping and lunch with my wife. After a late lunch, since we were in the area, I thought to take a quick ride through the Oakland area of Pittsburgh. Home of Schenley Park, Carnegie Museum and Library, Carnegie-Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, among other colleges and a gazillion other things. It’s quite a lively, active area, especially this time of the year. I wanted to get some kind of architecture photo since the buildings in that area are very impressive and old. I ended up getting a cool shot at Mellon Institute of sunlight reflecting from a building across the street. It capped off what was a very hot time trying to walk around. Pentax K20D, DA55-300

Click on Pics for larger view

Color Cast

© David Guidas

While I was there I spotted a large number of wedding photographers at work. It seemed like there were wedding parties everywhere posing for photos. There were 4 parties on the veranda of the Mellon Institute alone! I took a few shots of them at work:

And here are a few leftover shots from the day. Enjoy!

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