365-322 Well, there was this cat

My 365 shot for today is a closeup of a painted bolt. I went with this photo because I haven’t had very many abstract photos lately. Plus it’s orange! I’ve been kind of focusing on general scenes and nature in recent weeks and not focusing on any details, so I thought it would be a nice diversion. Pentax K20D, DA18-135.

Orange Bolt Special

© David Guidas

I shot the bolt earlier in the day but thought it might not work for some reason. Sometimes when I look at the photos on the camera LCD they don’t look like much. So, at lunch time I took a quick spin to the nearby fairgrounds to find a photo. I’ve been there numerous times and thought I could find something better than a bolt to shoot! I did. I found a cat. One of the strays that hang around the grounds. I’ve probably taken its picture in the past but it was posing nicely on a shelf and I thought it would be a cool photo. It is, but in the end I went with the bolt. Did I make the right decision?

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