Sea and surf

Until I get done processing more of the monastery photos, I thought I would show a few beach photos. Waking up and hearing the ocean and taking walks on the beach in the evening were some of the relaxing moments of my trip. It’s a different feeling that you don’t get in Pennsylvania. I kept most of my beach shooting relatively simple and I couldn’t do any fancy shooting like super long exposures and such because I didn’t have the gear with me. So I had to shoot in somewhat brighter light. But that’s OK, since limitations make me think differently.  I hope you enjoy the pics!

Evening Pier

© David Guidas
Lumix GX1, 14-42

Watching the Sun

© David Guidas
Lumix GX1, 14-42

If you feel like listening to a soundtrack while looking at the photos, I recommend “Beachcomber Blues” by Dolorean. The video isn’t really a video but it has some really cool guitar work in it.

4 thoughts on “Sea and surf

  1. These are beautiful! Screw the fancy gear long exposures and stuff because these are fabulously wonderful. So serene and REAL. Love long exposures too but I’m a big fan of what resulted from your lack of the “right” gear. 🙂 great post!

    • Thanks Polly. I guess I think in terms of composition first and then figure out how to accomplish it with what gear I have. I may miss shots that I pictured in my head but I usually end up with ones that I didn’t think about at first. That’s part of the fun of photography!

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