I need to get to the point

A roadside find I came across today. These skulls and antlers were on the side of a barn in West Virginia, which was literally right next to the road . Besides the collection I really liked the matching patina of the bones and barn siding. They all kind of blended together, which made it a little difficult to photograph. So I just focused on the nearest one and hoped for the best.

So the point I need to get at is that this is more of a documentary photo and not necessarily the direction I want to go with my work. I have a vision and it’s just the execution part that has been eluding me. I have some photos from the past that fit the style I want to pursue but for some reason I’m not following that style when I go to take photos. And that’s probably another problem – I’m trying to take photos while doing my day-to-day activities and not purposely going out to shoot. Or even trying to purposefully take photos while doing day-to-day stuff instead of just looking for cool things and taking a pic (if that makes any sense). There’s nothing wrong with that, I have, and have seen, plenty of photos that I like that are just nice photos of things. But I don’t feel like I’m putting my stamp on anything lately and I need to buckle up.

© David Guidas

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