I did manage to get one B&W image yesterday

As a follow-up to my last post, I did manage to find one image from the cemetery shoot that worked best in black and white. It’s an obvious cemetery scene but I like the setting of the old and weathered tombstones. With nothing but stone and green grass I knew immediately the it was an ideal candidate for black and white. This is also one of the last shots I took with my 18-135 zoom lens before the light began to fade.

© David Guidas

Regular readers know that I like to shoot in this cemetery quite often. It’s not that I am morbid or anything it’s just the only real thing of interest and history in the area that’s worth photographing. Plus it is a calm quiet place to walk around and search for images. It’s filled with history and I almost always find new things, textures, and patterns to shoot with every visit. We do have other old things and areas of “interest” in town but frankly they are all quite dull, photographically speaking.

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