Month: February 2013

It was a day in September

I’ve been gradually cleaning my files out over the past week, getting rid of a lot of junk photos that were just taking up space. I do a lot of test shots when I get new gear and after using them for evaluation, they don’t really serve a need any longer, yet I always forget to delete them. So on occasion…


I don’t know what a half drunk case of Classic Coke has to do with antiques, but there it was!


I find that glass, in the form of bottles and vases, always makes for interesting still lifes. The transparency, curves and reflections allow for an almost endless variety of compositions. Subtle changes in light or angle can take on a whole new look. I should make it a quest to collect old bottles when I find them and save them…


I seriously cannot think of anything to talk about lately. I am sorry about that, although I don’t think anyone comes here to read anything. 😉 With that, I present a couple wire fence shots. Careful, don’t get pricked.  

Back alley bonanza

A box of well weathered gourds seen in a back alley on the South Side.

Lay dying

A few of the old broken tombstones at the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral located in downtown Pittsburgh. I decided to keep them simple with a straightforward black and white conversion. Nothing fancy today.


Just a couple of shots of a colorful bicycle I spotted while walking around the Southside today. Speaking of “bokeh”, I do like to throw the word around on occasion, and so do many others. I don’t want to try to define the word because there have been many discussions about the topic all over the web, but I think the…

Paint by numbers

I was playing around with adding textures to this photo I took in the local park and I was reminded of the “paint by numbers” I used to do when I was young. In a way I am still painting by numbers, except now they are all ones and zeros. Digital painting. Digits? Fingers? Finger painting! It all comes together eventually.

A little bleary

Much to my surprise there she was sittin’ in a corner Little bleary, worse for wear and tear Was a girl with far away eyes The Rolling Stones – “Far Away Eyes” I can imagine the girl with far away eyes looking at this scene. Perhaps after being dropped off by the truck driver 😉

Hello my ragtime gal

I was in Wheeling the other evening and was heading out of town as night fell. The colorful neon lights of the Victoria, enhanced by the snowfall, caught my eye and I thought I would grab a quick pic. Fortunately there weren’t any vehicles parked in front of the theater, as there normally is, and I had a clear shot.…