Hello my ragtime gal

I was in Wheeling the other evening and was heading out of town as night fell. The colorful neon lights of the Victoria, enhanced by the snowfall, caught my eye and I thought I would grab a quick pic. Fortunately there weren’t any vehicles parked in front of the theater, as there normally is, and I had a clear shot.

Now I know you are thinking, “Uh David, I don’t see any colorful neon lights, what gives?” Well I did do a color version but I thought I would see what a black and white version would look like. I actually did two totally different B&W versions but ended up liking this version better. It’s look is ruminant of a platinum print. I don’t know how succesful that was compared to an actual; platinum print but I like the results. It has a slightly lower contrast and a more even tonality than my first B&W take.

If you are interested, the color version is on my Flickr page here.

© David Guidas

© David Guidas

6 thoughts on “Hello my ragtime gal

  1. Beautiful composition. 🙂 I prefer the B&W – the fine detail is very evident and makes up for the loss of the neon colours.

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