Walking, shooting….and thinking

These photos were taken while walking around Charleston, South Carolina on one rainy day. There’s  something about being in a different city that puts me in tourist mode instead of photographer mode. My creativity just sinks and I end up leisurely shooting the sites. That’s not a bad thing, I guess, since the idea of the trip was just to get away a little and not to purposely do photography. Besides, just being with my wife and exploring new things is always a joy. But I still think of it as a missed opportunity.  Of course, the almost constant rain didn’t help much. Walking around in wet flip-flops didn’t do wonders for my feet. And the only way to explore that city is by walking.

But being away from work for the past week did allow me some time to pause and think. I’ve decided I am going to simplify some things in my life. To clarify, I should say I want to simplify the way I go about doing things, my life is far from complex as it is. For instance, while walking around I realized what camera gear works best for me and what I don’t really use much.  I do need a good wide-angle (24mm equivalent or wider) and a fast prime or two in the wide to moderate telephoto range and that’s about it. I have a closet full of gear that I rarely use and although I have used some of it in the past to good effect, I don’t feel the need to hang onto it. I’ll throw it on eBay and use the funds for one great lens instead of four good lenses.

I’ll do the same with my approach towards photography. I tend to shoot anything and everything, which isn’t bad, and I end up like a joker of all trades instead a master of something. I know the shots that I have done in the past that worked for me, from a creative point, and I need and want to focus on that style. I’ll still take touristy photos while on holiday, nothing wrong with that, but I’ll focus my artistic side elsewhere. I’m working towards a single cohesive look towards my work. If I ever get there, I don’t know, but it should be worth the effort at least.

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