Knitting a bridge

Although it didn’t quite look how I imagined when I heard that the Andy Warhol Bridge was being covered in yarn, it still was a cool site to see.  And feel, since the railing along the walkway was also yarn wrapped. Yarn bombing, they call it. Either way, I do like these large scale urban art projects. They really boost spirits and morale, more than naysayers think.

There are probably a gazillion pictures taken of it and posted on social media so it shouldn’t hurt if I add to them. My vantage points were limited so my pics can’t compare to some way better ones I have seen on the web taken from various angles. But photographing a bridge isn’t something to be taken lightly and a good shot usually benefits from great light, which I didn’t exactly have. I did try to emphasize the color though, since that was sort of a major part of the look.



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