Everythings broken

Been having a tough time here at Whatipic headquarters lately. It appears my computer is down for the count. I did just about everything I can think of but it still acting a little crazy. It did a phantom restart the other night, which seemed quite odd and I knew something was up. The next day it started playing random overlapping audio of a combination of movie clips, commercials, Food Network shows, etc.. No way to shut it off, even with a restart. Then I started getting the dreaded BSOD.  I tried every virus scan I could to no avail. May be a hardware issue also, who knows?

So, I’ll be off to the computer repair shop this week. This comes after the hard drive in my work laptop bit the dust and I had to play catch up after getting it repaired. That was followed by my company truck acting up and I had to switch vehicles in order to send it off to the garage, causing more down time at work.

So, with all of this going on, getting out to do some photography would have been a nice luxury. My attempts at doing some shooting were quickly sidelined for more pedestrian, domestic needs, which by the time that was done it got too dark. These early sunsets kind of snuck up on me. My mind is like two hours behind the season.

With all of that I DID snap a few photos in a park, before it got too dark, on the way to a dinner out with my wife. The dinner was enjoyable but the photos were just OK, in my opinion. Oh well, at least it’s a start. I had to edit this on my rarely used personal laptop, so I hope it looks decent. Hard to tell on this screen. I found some texture files on the laptop and thought I would use one with this shot. Seemed to work,


Copyright David Guidas 2013

Copyright David Guidas 2013

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