Dry time

This has to be longest dry spell I have had for a while towards photography. I’m just not finding anything that interests me. No lights, no shadows, no textures, no nothing. Granted it’s the crappy time of year around here and the days the last week have been, up until today, bright and sunny, which creates a harsh light that doesn’t work well with the dull surroundings. I prefer cloudy days this time of year. The gloomier the better to add to the mood. It’s the time of year where I actually want it to snow.

That leaves me to dig into my archives to see what I can find. I found this horse picture which kind of intrigued me. It’s one of my many roadside shoots as I wander the rural countryside. This particular shot was taken last November and I actually remember taking it. I wanted the horse to raise its head a little above the other horse but it wouldn’t cooperate so I took a shot anyway. In the end, it was probably better that way. And maybe that’s my problem right now – I’M not cooperating!

© David Guidas

© David Guidas

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