A bugs life

Speaking of small cars, the most iconic of all time is probably the VW Beetle. At least I think so.

This photo is no where near what I wanted to shoot at this VW graveyard. My boss spotted it when we were traveling one day and I thought it was a cool enough place to return for some photography, since I am a fan of old rotten things. 🙂 The colors of the old Bugs in the tall grass was quite the site and I immediately imagined what type of photos I could shoot. So, since I was on vacation this week, I talked my wife into traveling 1.5 hours to visit the site.

The “junkyard” can easily be seen from the interstate highway and a nearby road but I wanted to get closer and went the safe and, I guess, legal route by trying to find the proprietor and asking permission to photograph out in the yard. His VW repair shop looked deserted as I pulled in, with a scattering of  rusted out Vanagons and Kammbacks around the entrance.  I couldn’t figure out where to enter so I took a chance and called a number I found on the web. The gentleman answered after a few rings and asked if I was the fellow outside. I guess he saw me coming. He invited me in to his shop.

Inside looked like a typical garage, albeit a bit crowded, and it seemed like he was the only one who worked there. I asked if I could photograph the old cars and he turned me down, saying there are snakes and other hazards out there and he doesn’t want to be liable. My emphasis on taking photos purely for artistic purposes didn’t seem to help. I don’t think he believed me. Fair enough.

I was going to ask to take some photos around the shop but I decided it was best I left him alone and went on my way. I imagine he gets bugged (no pun intended) by VW fans all of the time. So, for at least a consolation, I stopped along the highway for a shot before heading home. I took my wife to lunch on the way back for putting up with my excursion.

© David Guidas

© David Guidas

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