Branching out with buildings

In my ever-changing mind I thought I would try some straight up building shots for something different. I was thinking black and white right from the get-go and the late afternoon sky and light really enhanced the scenes. I basically just walked around looking for different perspectives than I normally would. Normally my eyes are on the ground looking for details and abstracts but the light reflecting off the Gateway Center buildings really caught my eye. Of course it helped that I couldn’t find much else to shoot so I was already in that “eh, why not” mode.

I purposely try to avoid the “looking up and building leaning back look” but with the nice sky it doesn’t seem too bad here. If I was totally prepared (which I never am) I could have done the super slow exposure neutral density blur the clouds thing, but no tripod, no ND filter, no such thing. But then everyone else does that anyhow. Granted these are straight forward shots of some city buildings but I kind of like the idea and I might want to explore the theme a little more.

© David Guidas

© David Guidas

© David Guidas

© David Guidas


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