Found still lifes, No. 1

Regular readers will know that I like to shoot objects in the windows of antique stores. I find these “found still lifes” amusing. Most items are just sitting in the windows, it doesn’t appear that any attempt at a display is made, at least at the shops I visit. But the sometimes unusual items and the juxtaposition with each other can often make a nice photograph.

I especially like it when items are paired together making sometimes quirky, sometimes strange, or sometimes lovely little compositions. Old 60’s toys on a shelf in front of a Victorian era painting or perhaps costume jewelry placed on a Jetsons looking table. I never know what I will find and that makes it all that much more fun! The stores are usually closed when I have the time to photograph that’s why I end up shooting in the windows. I’m sure the insides offer even more treats to photograph and I need to make a point to explore them sometime.

Since I went different directions with processing some recent photos I am going to post them on different days since they don’t work well together as a series. Today I’ll start with a baby booty. I like how the afternoon light highlighted it against the dark background.

© David Guidas

© David Guidas

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