A fur to remember

When the annual Anthrocon Convention is in Pittsburgh, you can be sure furry hijinks will ensue!!

It’s always fun on the 4th of July weekend to go downtown and watch the furry fun. It’s too bad I am the worlds worst street photographer. Gear that I use for my normal stationary subjects photography gives me a hard time when trying to capture the action. It’s not the gears fault, it’s quite capable, it’s just that I am not. I know to simplify my cameras options, work more manually,  and preset before the shot are the right way of doing things but I dumb down and forget what I am doing. Then I bump buttons on my camera and forget that when I shut it off everything resets. It helps that I frequently stopped for a drink! Or, maybe that was the problem 😉

Some practice is in order and next year, a different way of doing things.

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