Color in the city, at night, without a tripod

While walking around uptown Charlotte for one evening I wanted to grab a few photos of the city since this was the first, and possibly only time I would visit the city. Although I was only in town for the one night, I thought it was a very nice, clean, vibrant city. There certainly were plenty of entertainment and dining options near my hotel, the historic Dunhill Hotel, and it made for a pleasant stay.

I was with my wife and after dinner we were in more of a tourist mode, just walking around seeing what the city had to offer. I certainly wasn’t going to take tripod mounted low light photos, nor did I want to, so I mostly snapped photos handheld using my FA 43mm Limited lens, usually wide open at f1.9. The one exception being the fountain shoot where I rested the camera on the wall. I’m generally not a high ISO fan, no matter how well a sensor does, so I tried to keep it as low as possible when shooting. Sometimes it was simply too dark and I couldn’t shoot anything – that’s the way it goes when you compromise. I could have gone artsy with slow exposure moving camera shots but I was kind of trying to capture “snapshots” also.

The shot of the theatre was actually taken from my hotel bathroom window. It was a nice surprise view.



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