Food blogs get all the love 🙂

I think for every one photography oriented blog there are 100 food blogs. For every one photography blog follower there are 1.000 food blog followers.

People like food. I like food.

People like pictures of food. I like pictures of food.

I don’t get to take pictures of food very often. I don’t cook and I feel really dumb taking photos in a restaurant right before I dig in. I have though, usually crappy phone pictures of a good Mexican dish, most likely after too many margaritas. But on a rare occasion I take a quick snap with a good camera of something that looks good. These olives looked good (they were), the light looked good, and I couldn’t resist to capture the moment. My wife asked me what I was doing when I took the photo, thinking I was crazy, and, unknowing to me, the waiter was walking by just as I took the photo and saw the image pop up on my cameras LCD.  He told her it was a good picture. I then showed her the photo and she said “yeah, you’re right, it is a good picture”.

So, my food pic. Food blog readers welcome!


© David Guidas

© David Guidas



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